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We offer a complete range of workshop products and tools for clubmaking and repairs


We have a variety of options to build a workshop from scratch or to update tools you already have, allowing you to give the very BEST of service to your customers. Coupled with great service and excellent technical back-up service we can fit the right workshop in your premises.

Whatever the task, we have the best tool for the job...

Working with the widest range of components allows our highly knowledgeable workshop team to offer advice on all of the latest shafts and grips to ensure you make the right selections for you and your customers.

Grips & Gripping tools

Nowadays the golf grip is seen by many purely as a fashion accessory and less consideration is given to making sure they have the correct size and material. As with all components of the golf club the grip should be fitted to suit each individuals needs.


Why Re-Grip?

Over time golf grips naturally wear out and deteriorate due to factors such as temperature, dirt, oils from your hands and how tightly you hold the club. Re-gripping is also essential to make sure the correct size and materials are used.

When to Re-Grip

Some of the leading grip manufacturers recommend that grips are changed after 30-40 rounds or annually, whichever is the sooner. However grips should also be changed when they become smooth and shiny, start to crack or begin to fade and show wear spots.

"With every regrip, regroove too"

When a client comes in for fresh grips, it’s the perfect chance to offer fresh grooves too! The new USGA rules mean that now amateurs can continue to use the older, aggressive grooves until 2024. How does that affect custom club makers like you? Golfers who love their high-backspin wedges should make them last as long possible, and you can help by periodically restoring the grooves to their original shape and sharpness.

Shaft knowledge

Every year we see a plethora of new shafts released into the market and each is designed with a certain level of golfer in mind. But apart from aesthetics and brand allegiance there are some important factors to consider:

Trajectory: The shaft’s ability to help get the ball airborne. Influenced by bend point and tip flexibility.

Torque: A measurement of rotational twisting at the tip of the shaft. Measured by securing the butt end and applying force to twist the tip.

Weight : The weight of the raw, uncut shaft. A very important influence on a club’s controllability and your distance.

Tool measuringDon't forget...

If you need help with tip trim, shaft selection, grip size or any general workshop enquiries then please contact us.