Product Design & Manufacturing

With in-house design, tooling and manufacturing capabilities we have one of the most comprehensive design and manufacturing facilities in the UK.

Creativity & innovation

Product Design & Point-of-Sale

With our own in house design studio we have the capability to design and create products and materials to our exact style and specifications. From product creation through to packaging design and supporting point of sale, our experienced studio team have the skills to deliver a full support service. Furthermore, our in-house studio enables us to produce product photography, mock-ups and video footage.

The team have been responsible for a number of innovative developments, such as our sustainable accessories packaging which lead the industry for design, space management and ease of use.

CAD Design

In house CAD design Capabilities using Mastercam programing software has the ability to create 3D models of your product and generate machine code that can run a variety of CNC machines.

Tool Making

We have the capability to produce tooling in house with our CNC Milling/Turning and EDM (Electrical Discharge Machining) machines.


Typical Tools are made from steel that has been hardened and ground to size giving a very long life. We can also make them out of less durable materials such as aluminium that are ideal for short production runs which helps to keep costs at a minimum.

Manufacture 3


Injection Moulding

Injection moulding is a process that produces the same part time after time out of plastic to a very tight tolerance.

We take an injection-moulding tool and clamp it in to the machine - it is held under great pressure, as much as two tons per square inch of surface area. We then inject hot molten plastic into the mould under pressure. It then goes through a cold water cooling cycle for a preset time, and finally the mould then opens and the part is ejected and the cycle starts again.

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Finishing & Branding

Some parts may need extra finishing operations such as assembly, branding and packaging. In house we have the capability to print on products of any shape using our pad printing machinery. Pad printing uses a silicone rubber-printing pad to transfer an image from a printing plate to the product. The flexible silicone rubber pad conforms to the shape of the part and is ideal for irregular shapes.

Another of our services is digital printing. The machine prints on flat surfaces and is capable of printing as many colours as necessary and can even print photographic images.



We have recently installed our own tee production and bagging facility at our site near Bristol. Running around the clock it ensures that we have constant availability of stock to meet all demand. 

Our packaging machine is a form-fill and seal machine with a multi-head weigher positioned above it.

The weighing machine has fourteen computer controlled weigh heads that can evaluate up to 60 times per minute. When the desired amount of product has been reached it discharges the product into the bagging machine below.

Our bagging machine forms a pillow shaped bag - the product drops into it and is then sealed ready for boxing and distribution to the customer.


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